Participation Rules

Registration process begins on June 1st 0:00h CET and ends on June 28th 23:59h CET when the submission period closes.
Submission process ends on June 28th 23:59h CET. Project will no longer be accepted after that time.
To submit your project, you must send us an email to with the following deliverables:
- Your team name.
- Link to the repository (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket...) so we can review the code. If it's a private repository, please grant us access.
- A link to the application or games with any nested instructions to test it.
- A short presentation video (2 to 5 minutes) that sells out your product.
Eligibility exclusions
Please considering the following criteria before registering:
- For teams, the team leader must be over the age of 18, although other team members may be younger than this. The team leader is the person who will be nominated to present the submission if selected as a finalist and receive any awarded prize. (Teams may elect to share an awarded prize among team members however they see fit).
- Current employees and staff (including contractors) of HandCash may not enter the hackathon competition.
- Multiple entries from one individual or team are not permitted and are grounds for instant disqualification.
After the competition period
The finalists will be contacted before the announcement as they will be invited to our livestream where we will announce the winners.

Another important aspect is that we are growing our team so if we get impressed by some of the projects we will contact you for an interview.

All entrants agree that HandCash has permission to use the entrant’s name, picture or likeness, biographical information, prize information, information, material, and screen captures about their submission to the HandCash Hackathon, and/or statements they make about the Hackathon on the HandCash and other websites and for publications for editorial, advertising, and publicity purposes, without compensation, to the extent permitted by applicable law.